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Uttam Maramlong – Chief Coordinator.

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GlobalPostInfo, April 02.

GBLO has officially declared its new Chapter in Ohio. Chapter is composed of sixteen members where Uttam Maramlong, Sourav Timsina and Dharmendra Timsina ‘kshitij’ will remain chief coordinator and vice coordinators respectively. Members are as follows:

  1.  Manish Rai
  2. Padam Him Shikhar (हिम शिखर)
  3. Binita Chettry
    Sourav Timsina – Vice Cordinator

    Dharmendra Timsina – Vice Coordinator
  4. Janga Thapa
  5. Ambika Dumi
  6. Goma Mangar
  7. Mangali tamang
  8. Nischal Pradhan
  9. Laxhhuman Subedi
  10. Ram Rai
  11. Tilarupa Acharya
  12. Manju Jagari
  13. Sandhya Khanal.

Lila Nisha, the vice chief of the organization told – ” We have got good and talent youth leaders to run our chapter. I’ll be cooperating them to come up with good strategy that will focus on young generation growing Nepali language interest on them.”  Uttam Maramlong, chief coordinator selected for Ohio chapter from Cincinnati Ohio is good writer, poet and artist. Dharmendra and Sourav, vice coordinators have their book already published. Sourav has book now in market ‘YADLE’ (यादले) an anthology of Gajal and Dharmendra has ‘JAANU KAHAN HO’ (जानु कहाँ हो) and ‘TRIKON'(त्रिकोण)  collection of Rubai. Ofcourse, ‘TRIKON’ is jointly written with J.N. Dahal and D.P. Dulal.  Rubai is short line poem with four lines. Actually it is Persian form of verse, each ‘verse’  is a simple quatrain in which lines 1, 2 and 4 will be in rhyme. The plural of rubai is rubaiyat.

“I have visited them in Ohio and explain our plan and future strategies. I’m believed that Ohio chapter will come up with strong steps in promoting literature and Nepali Language. Besides this, we will also be handling different social related affairs building community stronger”, says Denzome Sampahang, Chairperson of the organization over our phone questionnaire.

GBLO(Global Bhutanese Literary Organization) which is known to be an active social non-profit international organization run and manage by youths originally from Bhutan. Its head-office is in Fort Worth TX USA but formed on 2009 in Nepal. Since then it has been doing different social activities voluntarily. From the recent pass years it has mainly focused on development and preservation of Nepali literature and language.



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