Texas, GlobalPostInfo; 30 MIMG_0772arch 2015.

Active youth poet Karna Biraha’s book ‘CHARKIYEKO BHUI'(चर्किएको भुइँ) an anthology of poem was being discussed widely during the program ‘Srasta Jamkaabhet’ organized by Global Bhutanese Literary Organization at the Ramailo restaurant, Irving Texas USA on March 29.

Nepali intelligentsia, writers, journalists were presented where novelist Mrs. Shilu Ghimire was the chief guest.

The ‘SVIKAROKTI’ Philosophy promulgator Denzome Sampahang, International Nepali Literature Society, Texas president, poet and social leader Basu Sharma and social worker, professor Prabhat Dixit kept their long and clear view regarding the book. Denzome said- “ Though drawbacks will be there but it is definite that poems are so convincing that reader can find themselves in the poems of Karna. In-fact, it is worth reading.” In the book there are twenty-eight poems and Basu Sharma talk each of them so interestingly with great meaning. On the other hand Prabhat Dixit mention that after a long time he was motivated to write something because of reading this book.

Radio host -YO SAJH YO SUWASH Pradeep Giri, Lions Club Texas former President Shashi Bhattarai, Poet Kamal Poudel, Song writer Khemraj Neopany, Poetess Indira Bhusal, Bhutanese Legacy Youth club vice President A.K. Rana Sampang, Poet Netra Acharya, Poet Liladhar Ahikari, Poet Yadhunath Adhikari were some who recited the literary creation and took part on book discussion.

Over the discussion it is concluded that poems represents the true story of Nepali, Political suffering, technology influence. Poems are written so honestly, it is totally out of pressure of impressing people. ‘Simply is the best’ – it is the rule what Karna has catch to write with…!



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