Finally, GFNL spoke in support of Darjeeling agitation


Post retort, Aug 04 2017
Gobal Federation for Nepali literature’s regular Central Committee meeting held on July 28 2017, has decided to come up with press release to show solidarity for the Darjeeling ongoing movement.

According to the press release, it is understood that since from 1907 to1980’s, Darjeeling has witnessed thousands of lives acquiring martyrdom for the sack of demanding separate land and more recently suffer nine further deaths and violent unrest since June 2017 with serious violations human rights. Having said that, it has drawn attention of the concern authorities stating that the demand for Gorkha-land/Darjeeling state is enviable and constitutional.

Vice president Mr. Denzome said -“Global Federation for Nepali literature is of Nepali literature, based on this relation we have shown our solidarity towards the movement of Nepali speaking Indian citizens which was retriggered due to the imposition of Bengali language as mandatory.”

Press release reads like this:

Date: 28th July 2017
Press Release

Ongoing agitation in Darjeeling has called the attention of the globe. Protests made by Nepali speaking Indian citizens against the imposition of Bengali language as mandatory in Darjeeling has retriggered the demand of a separate state.

We, Global Federation for Nepali Literature, would like to draw attention of the concerned authorities to address the constitutional rights of people and violation of human rights in Darjeeling, India.

Darjeeling has been stateless for decades. The agitation in Darjeeling for Gorkha-land/Darjeeling state has been around for around 110 years. Since the start of the movement in the 1980’s, Darjeeling has lost 1200 lives and more recently Darjeeling has witnessed nine further deaths since June 2017. This highlights the fact that the situation in the Queen of Hill is worsening with more violent unrest.

We pay our sincere solidarity to the political demand of a separate state as we strongly believe that their demand is legitimate and justifiable. We also wish a quick restoration and peace in Darjeeling.

Dr Lekhnath KAFLE
General Secretary

Biswasdip TIGELA


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