New life success Trips


Step 1 – Elevate Your Values

Achieving success when starting a new life begins with elevating your values. My journey from bagging groceries full-time to investing in real estate full-time began with creating a list of everything in my life I was no longer willing to tolerate. I decided that making excuses, complaining about how unfair life is, beating myself up and living paycheck to paycheck was not a life of how to get success. So, after I completed my list I decided that “enough is enough” and I took a stand for my own life.

Step 2 – Monitor Your Thoughts and Beliefs

If you’ve elevated your values for starting a new life but lack the belief that you can follow through, you’re undermining your success. This approach of how to get success will be a frustrating lesson in futility. Unless you can harbor the right thoughts and beliefs, it is unlikely that you’ll even try… or try for very long. Your thoughts and beliefs are paramount for successfully starting a new life. Your thoughts and beliefs lead to your words of which lead to your actions of which lead to your habits of which lead to your character of which lead to your destiny, but your success begins with your thoughts and beliefs. You must become the master of your thoughts, and you must become the master with intent. Helpful tools to master your thoughts can be found at and

Step 3 – Alter Your Approach

Obviously, if you continue to do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten, but which approach to take? By first elevating your values and becoming the master of your thoughts and beliefs, the path of how to get success when starting a new life will begin to appear. Whether you choose to believe it or not, you’ll know what to do. We all typically know what to do, but where we often fall short is doing what we know. However, if you’ve completed the first two steps and you’re lacking confidence in your approach, seek out someone who is leading the life you want to lead. Adopt them as a role model, or even as a mentor, and mimic their approach to life. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. By starting a new life using someone else’s wheel, you will experience similar success, or you’ll quickly discover how to get success on your terms. The key here is to keep the wheel spinning. Success is attracted to movement.

First, establish what you’re no longer willing to tolerate in life and elevate your values; Second, change your limiting beliefs and constantly monitor your thoughts and those beliefs; Third, alter your approach, and keep altering or modifying it until you get there. Nothing happens until something moves. Taking action on these three steps is how to get success when starting a new life. You can do it.how_to_get_success


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