Iconic Scientist Stephen Hawking dies at 76


Post Report: March 14, 2018 Texas
The English theoretical physicist and cosmologist, the great scientist of this era Dr. Stephen Hawking died early Wednesday 14 March 2018 at his own home in Cambridge, England. He was born in 8 January 1942.

He was only the one after Albert Einstein to get such huge public attention and appreciation as a scientist for he portrayed tremendous mind and the ability through his unique and remarkable scientific works like prediction of black holes, gravitational singularity theorems cosmology, and quantum gravity.

Stephen W. Hawking (center). Experiencing zero gravity.

He was Director of Research at the Center for Theoretical Cosmology and Professor of Mathematics in University of Cambridge. He was the highest civilian award “Presidential Medal of Freedom” recipient in the United States. Besides this, he was the best-selling author of the book A Brief History of the Time. The coincidence to note is that he died on the same day when Albert Einstein was born.


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