Story from exile to resettlement


 Quietness and the trust
Shayam Thulung was sub- sector head of sector C/2. He has five family members along with his 80 years old mother “Maya”. Thulung is very sincere, reliable, polite, and have habit of eager to learn.  He lived afar from Nepali speaking Bhutanese. Around his county only five Bhutanese’s family member’s are there. They are under, very strict environment.

His mum gets social security benefits and other necessary health stuffs. Children’s are happy with their dream country “USA.” Thulung worried about new way of life. He speaks only few sentence and regular in English class. On side, he is looking part time jobs. He follows several times to his job counselor. Now, his full resume is set up. Whenever, wherever he goes. He holds his resume and shows to walk in groceries, store, construction, gas station and othe

Arjun Pradhan

r farming area.

Thulung filled up the form with help of customer service crew. They replied him ” keep on following. We will call you soon when position available.” He shack his head with sound of OK. Thulung change regular groceries and followed where he submit his application. His smile gets cute answer but he can’t get job. So, he is upset.

With the Crabby mood, he walks around the superior lakes daily. People observe him as insane around. He always bent his finger while walking around lakes. Mean, he counts regularly some things and hit on his head. If some body stare him then said as ” Pardon”.  The case took highly in Bhutanese periphery. He was joined on hospital, some therapy classes and finally gets job. Job doesn’t get last for a while.

After all, Medical reports are super cool. His monthly rent is paid by immigration organization and have extra source of income too. His mum gets $ 710 supplemental security Income (SSI) and have his family food stamp benefit, and cash of $ 400. His casecaseworker is known as Personal Care Assistant (PCA). Caseworker (PCA) help Thulug family by reading/responding all mail, hospital/Doctor followed up, weekly shopping, home visit appointment, etc.

Thulung Family comes under contract of caseworker name. He signs on their documents as responsible relative. He knew every single problem of thulung family. Now, he is the household of thulung family. Thulung feels odd and he is under caseworker policies and control. Few months family shared all because he cared more then his family. Caseworker uses half of benefits indirectly. Now a day, they have conflict between their rights and duties.

Day by day, Thulung inquires with different organization, County caseworker, and community resource, so his process became effective. Thulung became nuts to find out the real story behind him and whole family. Thulung passed one year with all words of caseworker and he agreed with him. So, in nutshell he collects all his rights and duties from organization. When the Thulung saw that caseworker’s, wickedness was widespread on the community and that every scheme his mind thought of was nothing but evil all the time. He has a beef with caseworker about his corruption and miss leading. So, his all eternal game comes out point by point on floor.

Listed are some major example points, which make Thulung heart as paralyzed upto one year to everybody on community cirlce.
GA Notice of Overpayment.”
Your household was overpaid General Assistance benefits. This happen from may 2011 through 2013. All household adults are responsible for this overpayment. You owe $ 515.80.

The reason for overpayment is your household provides incorrect or incomplete information Auth: 7,11,12,10

  1. Thulung family are not fully interested to resettle to USA But Caseworker relative forced them to fill up the form and give caseworker address. So, they resettle on caseworker name. Financially, family gets care from relative and after settlement.
  2. All benefits are used by caseworker even Thulung bank account too.
  3. Thulung family never visited down town as freely as like bird. Caseworker feared them and not socialized with others because real things they knew it.
  4. Caseworkers filled the family application to county separately because to get more benefits on their name like: Thulung was married man but on application he is single and he gets general assistant $ 203.00.
  5. All taxes refund was direct deposit to caseworker account. Thulung didn’t know when it would refund. But, insist of refund of taxes he overpaid to caseworkers.
  6. Missed interpretation of medical reports to family. And, have scared all the time.
  7. Paid to caseworker whatever hehelp to them. Like social security benefit applied and pass, Medical insurance and others. But, it’s free on cost.
  8. AND so on like: Thulung pay some money to caseworker because he wanes to see his relative on same state. Thou, caseworker promise him to arrange them on but it’s doesn’t happen anymore…

After all this Thulung benefits was stop. He owed all amount to county courts. Caseworker zipped his mouth and drags his own bad dinged on community. Everyone is aware about Thulung case. Now, Thulung is super cool model in Bhutanese-Nepal community.

One interesting part of story is: when some new Bhutanese resettle in his county, they come to Thulung house and discussed on real story and get moral support to build of their family future.  On public area Thulung explained his experience on his case ” I remain on Quietness and the trust, so all my right’s back now. Please do care of your rights and duties and follow the county policies.

Finally, Thulung is kind of leader in community circle. He have nice job and his family is all educated. He worked volunteer in community to solve the problem of people. All people are happy while he explained the real story. People trust on his patience.

“If my shoes could talk” with this proverbs Thulung speak out his untold story to world Refugee day 2013 conference. All feel peace on side of Thulung. He puts real medicine on real problem. Now, his reference is over as counts as right man in right place. His major problem is solving with communication on different resource organization. So, quietness and the trust is his strength.

Thulung was out of teeter on the brink and he succeeds after all conflict and negations.

Thulung story is print out in every immigration organization annual papers. He is known as defender of mankind. So, he cast his vote on board of director and has good score with love and respect. While, when caseworker cheated negatively on his case then he avoids him from heart. Quietness and truest makes him as real hero on immigration organization and on his community. While, Thulung ” ride a wave “on his whole hidden case. From entirely his case studies was finely tuned.


(Name of character and some places has been changed in this story.) Arjun Pradhan is the correspondent/Marketing Lead of Global PostInfo, a news service for Bhutanese-Nepali. He wrote this Story from the Minnesota, USA.



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