Bhutan Peoples’ Party Congratulate PM Oli


Post Report Feb 18, 2018 Texas USA
On Feb 17th 2018, Bhutan Peoples’ Party president Balaram Poudyal congratulated Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for being elected as the Prime Minister of federal democratic republic of Nepal. Following the abolition of the Monarchy in 2008 and releasing the new constitution in 2015, Nepal’s Government turned into republic with a multi-party system.

President Poudyal wrote a latter expressing congratulation and wishes for a successful term on behalf of the Bhutanese People looking forward for strong initiation for permanent solution for the remaining Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal. His message to Oli reads as follows:

“Your Excellency,
On behalf of the Bhutanese people and of my own, I congratulate you and your party for a impressive victory in the recent general election and extend my hearty congratulations on becoming the Prime Minister of the Federal  Democratic Republic of Nepal. 

In the first historical election, after Nepal become the Federal Republic, your party has secured a landslide victory through an alliance, which for sure will be fulfilling the diverse expectations of the Nepalese people in Nepal and in abroad. We also firmly believe that your government will take strong initiatives to find a lasting solution to the Bhutanese refugee problem in Nepal. 

Stepping on the failure of the Bhutan-Nepal bilateral exercise on verification, categorization and repatriation of the forcibly evicted Bhutanese citizens, Bhutanese government has come out clean of its misdeeds and has been advocating Gross National Happiness in the International arena. We request your government to pressurize the Bhutanese government to come to the negotiation table to resolve the problems it created.

The Third Country Resettlement (TCR) initiated by the donors although has provided shelter to the Bhutanese refugees but was a compulsion not the choice. Bhutanese Refugee TCR is acclaimed successful in the world; it has caused immense miseries through family fragmentations and breakdowns. In this regards we request your government to revisit the problem and take timely remedies. 

The registered refugees who expressed willingness to TCR but not considered for various reasons, refugees who are waiting for repatriation, other refugees from Bhutan who are not recognized by the UNHCR is looking forward for a concrete plan of action from your government. 

We had been appealing the Government of Nepal for the establishment of a Permanent Task Force to solve the refugee issue. It was never realized. The issue was not internationalized and seldom fell in the shadow in government’s priority. Now the humanitarian support for the refugees is going to end. It has made the refugees more vulnerable than ever

I also would like to draw the timely attention of your government on the Rights of children born in the camps until UNHCR care for resettlement when they qualify by age; and the rights of the children of Bhutanese Refugee for repatriation, even after the UNHCR has withdrawn the support. 

BPP President- Balaram Poudyal

Appealing for support and solidarity to the exiled Bhutanese struggling for the success of democratic movement in Bhutan, I once again congratulate you and wish you for the successful tenure of your government and rapid development of the Federal Republic of Nepal”.

This is second prime ministership of Oli after his first appointment as Prime Minister on 11 October 2015.






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